What are the Two Types of Instant Messaging?

What are the Two Types of Instant Messaging?

If you want to know about instant messaging types then you are at the right place. We are going to tell you about the types of instant messaging. First of all, Instant messaging is a type of messaging that you can use on your Pc with pc messenger apps. There are many types of apps that you can use. Instant messaging is the same as you use your FB messenger. Only difference is that instant messaging is only use for Pc, not for androids or IOS. If you are looking for the best instant messaging apps then we are going to tell you about this also. Stick here with me.

1. Social Media Messenger

The social media messenger app is the same as you can use your Fb messenger. But the only difference if you want to use it on your Pc then you may have to use other messenger apps that are only for Pc. For pc, there are many messengers like Paltalk messenger, Dk Messenger, and many others that you can use. If you want to make video call with your Pc messenger then DKmessenger is best among all other apps for Pc. This messenger allows you to smooth video calling with your mates and you can easily talk to them. This messenger is known best for its video calling features.

Another messenger is Paltalk which lets you send your important documents or any files to your clients. You can also deal with online meetings with this messenger. Overall this messenger is good if you want to do instant messaging.

2 Instant Video Messaging App

Instant video messaging app is similar to other apps only difference is that this messaging allows you to send video messages and as well as video calls with your friends or with anyone you want. For this, you can use Discord, Dk Messenger and many others. Discord app is similar to skype and yahoo and it let you send a video message, video call and most important you can share your current screen with your friends and do whatever you want.

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